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The Central Florida Roadrunners

Founded in March 1974, Chartered  in July of 1974, the Central Florida Roadrunners (CFR) became the 35th Chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).  Recently celebrating 40 years of friendship and camaraderie.  Most of our members live or snowbird within 100 miles of the Tampa, Florida area.  We have some members who drive to rallies from the Florida East Coast.  Those who snowbird, consider us a part of their Winter Family. 

Monthly Rallys

Most of our members attend the Monthly Rallies, November thru March.  In April, many will begin their summer travels.  Some will travel in groups, some will join commercial caravans, and some will hit the road as lone gypsies, with no apparent destination.  The CFRs could still have monthly rallies, but on a smaller scale and with less formality.     

When and Where are the Rallies

Our Rally locations are selected to promote the adventure of RVing.  Most of our Rally's are within a couple of hours from the Tampa Bay area.  The Rallies are normally scheduled on the 2nd full weekend of the month.  They officially begin on Friday, but many will arrive a day or two earlier.  The rally ends on Sunday morning.  

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